Kenny Dennis III Comic Book

Posted: February 10th, 2015 in Uncategorized

I recently created a comic book for Serengeti AKA Kenny Dennis new album “Kenny Dennis III”. The comic was only available with pre-order purchase of Kenny Dennis LP on Vinyl, so I wanted to post a digital version for people to see. The comic book pages are all based of skits from the album featuring Anders Holm from ‘Workaholics.’ We will do another limited run of just the comic book in the coming months! Also check out the Album when you get a chance and listen to the songs and interludes that inspired my drawings: KENNY DENNIS III

Kenny1(final)2-KennyDennis(page1)3-KennyDennis(Page 2)4-KennyDennis (page3)5-KennyDennis(Page4drummond)6-KennyDennis(Page5)7-KennyDennis(Final Page)